Energy Massage Oil For Men 10ml (1 month bottle)

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100% organic plant based massage oil created specifically for men.  This product is designed to heighten romantic experiences and to extend the lifetime of intimacy.

1. the product is pure natural ingredients extracted, no stimulation;
2. recommended to use three times a day, before use, wash the scrotum and penis with warm water;
3. after the massage can be completely absorbed, do not need to clean;
4. if accidentally into the eyes, with water can be cleaned;
5. please save in a cool dry place

Use of treatment:
The first branch: because the short penis is mainly due to damage to the corpus cavernosum cells, inhibition of cell division, so the first branch will generally feel little effect, mainly repair the corpus cavernosum tissue;
The second branch: blood circulation to speed up the erection speed to enhance the hardness of the blood vessels to improve the thickening of the penis mainly promote the sponge cell division, penile growth 1-2 cm thickening; and increase the duration of sexual intercourse;
The third branch: to consolidate the expansion of the corpus, strengthen metabolism, enhance the length of the penis length 3-5 cm, the thickness of about 0.5-1 cm.


Wash hands before use. Apply the desired amount with help of fingertips. Safe to use with condoms and can be applied onto a condom when it is already on.

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8 reviews for Energy Massage Oil For Men 10ml (1 month bottle)

  1. Solomon Boakye

    I heard from a friend

  2. Isaac Sorden orden

    I haven’t had it but will let you know.

  3. Charles (verified owner)

    I’ve used it for about 6 months now. After only the 3rd application my girl swears it’s thicker and longer when we have intercourse. There is a noticeable size difference. I’m literally getting attacked on a nightly bases. I don’t even go home for lunch anymore because I know I’ll be late getting back to work.

  4. Travis (verified owner)

    This is a great product. You’ll notice a difference after a few days to a week, it definitely adds thickness and some length per my lady. The endurance is there too!

  5. Shawn

    They work great

  6. Darryl Burns

    I’m waiting on my supply

  7. AAT (verified owner)

    Worked as described. Before using this oil I was already above average but I wanted some more length and thickness. After 3 days I can see and feel the difference. I’m now at nearly 9 inches and have grown a bit in thickness. My veins are more defined and I can hold an erection for much longer. Would recommend.

  8. Keen

    This is the best order it please ‼️‼️Change my lifeeeeeee😌👉🏾👈🏾

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