Extra Strength Men’s Energy Massage Oil 10ml Bottle (1 month bottle)

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27 customer reviews

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100% organic plant based massage oil created specifically for men.  This product is designed to heighten romantic experiences and to extend the lifetime of intimacy.  The CBD ingredient works overtime to boost blood flow which extends the performance of the original formula. 


Use of treatment:
The first branch: because the short penis is mainly due to damage to the corpus cavernosum cells, inhibition of cell division, so the first branch will generally feel little effect, mainly repair the corpus cavernosum tissue;

The second branch: blood circulation to speed up the erection speed to enhance the hardness of the blood vessels to improve the thickening of the penis mainly promote the sponge cell division, penile growth 1-2 cm thickening; and increase the duration of sexual intercourse;

The third branch: to consolidate the expansion of the corpus, strengthen metabolism, enhance the length of the penis length 3-5 cm, the thickness of about 0.5-1 cm.

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Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 76.2 × 50.8 × 51 mm
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27 reviews for Extra Strength Men’s Energy Massage Oil 10ml Bottle (1 month bottle)

  1. Stewart

    I bought this product and really had my doubts to know me as a person I tell it like it is and believe me after using it correctly. YOU WILL KNOW WHY A RULER WAS SENT WITH ORDER. BIG SIZE CHANGE I SPEAK TRUTH ON IT.

  2. Rondrael Cothran

    At first I was skeptical about it but then tried it…..amazing results, amazing experience.

  3. Trey (verified owner)

    Man this one really work , this would be my 3rd bottle and I been enjoying and have fun with my wife. She dont know what hit her

  4. Spencer Parker

    Met up with my ex girl made her bust 6 times in 35 minutes this my shit

  5. Alton lyles (verified owner)

    It really good

  6. Melvin

    This fixed my ED after applying twice a day for a week I got bigger and harder erections. Give this product time and use it correctly will be getting more soon.

  7. littledavis93 (verified owner)

    The truth!!!!!

  8. Jay

    this shit go crazy for real

  9. Josue Amaro (verified owner)

    I was very skeptical from the beginning but I was willing to give it a try, my one complaint is that I finished a one month bottle in a week lol, I had a rock hard erection on the very first application, so I thought “ok well at least it helps with erections” by the end of the on week one I noticed a slight change in girth, I measured it and there was a measurable change from day one to day 6, I couldn’t believe it. I could tell my lady also enjoyed the slight difference. I’m a believer now, and will be trying some of the other products.

  10. Matthew Sampson (verified owner)

    This stuff works amazing. I was really skeptical about purchasing. Glad I did it works from the time you apply it. My only issue is that it doesn’t last a month. So i ordered the bigger size and started a new subscription. I really thank you guys for giving me some confidence

  11. Oni Hall (verified owner)

    Yes this stuff works and the results are permanent a one or two month supply should be enough for my bros who are already come well endowed naturally 😉 the 10ml bottle actually lasted me over a month using 4 drops twice a day

  12. Nate B (verified owner)

    Man hell this shit work frfr i be getting it in foshow buy it Guaranteed u will love it too . Shout out today girl ????????

  13. Samuel Housden

    I Brought this about year ago after use it for a couple of months I noticed a big difference Plus got my second batch coming soon but 20ml and I’m overseas customer so I would highly recommend it

  14. nsinon (verified owner)

    I tried the other oil the first time and it was good result now i ordered this one with the CBD infuse to see it’s result.

  15. Zo (verified owner)

    Got the first order finished before a month but getting another order sent in. I’ve noticed a change definitely thicker!

  16. tareq.tomy08 (verified owner)

    A great product, you will see and feel the difference. You definitely will not regret buying

  17. Jarrett Harris Sr. (verified owner)

    By far the best in the world. I challenge anyone to prove me wrong ?

  18. Matt .M (verified owner)

    Prime time – Max. capacity. Honestly have caught some ladies glancing down there at the store and I’m like hehe. More than worth your money.

  19. G (verified owner)

    It took most of the first bottle before I saw results and then it got even better by the second bottle. I have mainly noticed the thickness and I’m really ok with that, I’m above the so called average but the thickness works for me. This along with the Strike Herbal supplement makes for a great combination and a very good time with my friend with benefits.

  20. Paul


  21. Sawraj

    It’s really good

  22. majorjohnson

    This shxt works ?

  23. laboy.alberto (verified owner)

    This stuff is magical it’s my 4 bottle now, wifey loves it I love it! Makes me extra hard for mad long. If you apply a nice amount and get rit in there you and your partner will both have an sensenatial experience. We love this product

  24. Rob

    Man this sh*t go crazy … Def work instantly & after a week you super str8

  25. Johan

    Product works it really does and my girl notice immediately the only down side about it is the bottle it doesn’t last a month as it claims if it wants you to use it twice a day I got mine a week and a half ago and it’s already done I’m on here buying another one because I have to basically

  26. Happy queen. (verified owner)

    This shit really works. I’ve not only felt but watched my man grow in length and thickness while using this over the last several months. Thank you hidden vault for giving him the extra confidence boost he wanted although he didn’t need it.

  27. Jacoy (verified owner)

    See benefits in the first week

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