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This Set Includes:

Penis Enlargement Massage Oil 

Vaginal Tightening Oil

Back Door Key

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Combination code includes:

Penis Enlargement Massage Oil + Vaginal Tightening Oil + Back Door Key


New Penis Enlargement Massage Oil 10ml

  • 100% All Natural Plant Extracts
  • Prevention and treatment impotence
  • Help cure premature or weak ejaculation
  • Can increase penis length and extend time of erection.


Steps for usage:

1. Apply a oil on penis
2. Use the thumb and forefinger to form a circle, trap the penis
3. Hand slowly and hand massage the entire penis and scrotum
4. hand massage, squeeze, hand holding the penis to pull out, each 2-3 seconds
5. Duration of about 5-10 minutes twice daily.

1. the product is pure natural ingredients extracted, no stimulation;
2. recommended to use three times a day, before use, wash the scrotum and penis with warm water;
3. after the massage can be completely absorbed, do not need to clean;
4. if accidentally into the eyes, with water can be cleaned;
5. please save in a cool dry place

Use of treatment:
The first branch: because the short penis is mainly due to damage to the corpus cavernosum cells, inhibition of cell division, so the first branch will generally feel little effect, mainly repair the corpus cavernosum tissue;
The second branch: blood circulation to speed up the erection speed to enhance the hardness of the blood vessels to improve the thickening of the penis mainly promote the sponge cell division, penile growth 1-2 cm thickening; and increase the duration of sexual intercourse;
The third branch: to consolidate the expansion of the corpus, strengthen metabolism, enhance the length of the penis length 3-5 cm, the thickness of about 0.5-1 cm.


Wash hands before use. Apply the desired amount with help of fingertips. Safe to use with condoms and can be applied onto a condom when it is already on.3.


Vaginal Tightening Oil 15ml

The  can effectively promote the blood circulation and cell regeneration. Prevent flaccid female private parts, restores the muscle elasticity & nerve sensitivity on the private parts. Enhance the sex pleasure & sex life quality.

Many women are ashamed of their need for vaginal tightening. Stressors such as aging, menopause, and childbirth can damage and loosen tissues in our most private regions. While this is not often talked about, it is a very common problem. Luckily, there are scientifically proven ways to tighten vaginal tissues and restore healthy tone to these areas.Vaginal looseness is often accompanied by dryness and a loss of pleasure in sexual activities. These symptoms occur together because they are caused by the same changes in skin. The Hidden Vault Shrinking oil attacks the cellular changes that cause these unpleasant issues, restoring tight vaginal tissue that functions in a healthy way.





Enhance the pleasure of anal intercourse with desensitizing lubrication.

Size: 4.23 oz

The anus is far from self-lubricating and can only get wet if one helps it along. Anal lube is a complete necessity and one of the main attributes to pleasurable anal sex. Remember, the anal walls are relatively thin so thicker lubricants keep them hydrated, slippery, and can greatly reduce the chance of anal injuries, such as cuts and tears (anal fissures) that increase your risk for contracting an STD. Saliva should not be considered a lubricant and should be avoided, as it will actually dry out your skin, making it less elastic.

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