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Wash away odor-causing bacteria, hydrate your vulva, and balance your pH for long-lasting freshness and protection with this natural pH balanced intimate bar soap. Try our All natural bar soap for long last freshness and you won’t look back at any other soap
Vault Bar Soap formula is 100% natural and made with herbal ingredients and essential oils. Coconut oil, palm oil, glycerin, propylene glycol, vitamin E, rose fruit oil, hyaluronic acid, and Olive oil- infused pH-balanced cleansing bar specially formulated with natural and gentle ingredients for your Vagina

Paraben Free | Dye Free | Cruelty Free

Vault Bar pH Balanced all natural Bar soap is a gentle soap specially formulated for your Vagina. It is free of harsh chemicals that may irritate the vagina. This bar helps with vaginal odor, restore and maintain an healthy pH Balance and fights bacteria. that may caude BV or Yeast Infections.

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  1. Keiana

    Let me tell ya’ll!! This soap is soo amazing. It makes you feel so moist and and refresh down there. Ya’ll need to hop on this soap because this is the new thing ladies!

  2. Jocelyn (verified owner)

    Please hop on this soap and the yoni oil…amazing. Moisturizing and I am coming back right now to buy 5 of these. I just received my order last week and Yoni is smelling just like this bar of soap. No irritation, no rash, pH balance is still good.

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