How long is shipping?
3 to 4 business days

Can you use the male drops before sex or daily?
Use the drops before sex for stamina and use the drops twice daily  for growth

Do you ship out of the country?
We ship worldwide

Does it really work?
Yes all of our products really work and we stand behind them.

If you achieve the results that you want can you stop using it and stay the same without reverting back to what you use to be?
Once You reach your goal all results are permanent

How fast do you see results?
Almost immediately for stamina, less than 90 days for growth.

When applying to all do I need to be hard or soft?
You can apply the drops soft or hard

When do I get my tracking number?
Tracking emails are issued after orders are processed and shipped.

How do I apply the female drops?
Female drops are applied internally.

Are your delivery packages discrete?
All of our packages are mailed out in a discreet envelope.

Are your products harmful or have any side effects?
All of our products are organic and non-harmful.

Is your lube water based?