Vault Detox Pearl


Main ingredients: fructus cnidii,sophora flavescens,myrrh,cortex phellodendri,bombyx batryticatus,leonurus,sichuan dome,frankincense,peach seed,dried alum,resina draconis,flos carthami,borneol,chrysanthemum indicum,saffro crocus,panax,notogingseng,radix stemonae,rhizoma smilacis glabrae,Angelica sinensis,catharanthus roseus.

1:tightening and nourishing vagina
2.Female vaginal cleaning care
3.Treating gynecopathy including vaginities,cervicitis,cervical erosion,vaginal infection(colpitis),disease of vulva,appendagitis,pelvic inflammation,hysteromyoma,oophoritic cyst,endometritis,etc.
4:Cleaning ulterua,regulating qi and blood,beauty,preventing gynecopathy,increasing the viability of uterine cells,improving vaginal elasticity.

1.pregnant women should not use pearls.
2.Women during menstruation should not use pearls until 3 days after menstruation is over.

3.Please stop taking the pearls 1-2 days if you have itching and painful vulva which is normal reaction, you can use vaginal gel for relieving itching & pain. You can continue taking the pearls after symptoms disppear.
4. It is normal to expel toxin finds in vaginal skin and gore after using 1-2pcs,please feel free to continue use.
5.Never use it under excessive force.
Storage: Cold and dry place


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