Strike Herbal Supplement

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• work in 60 minutes
• one capsule lasts up to 7 days
• rock solid erection
• 100% natural herbs
• no side effects, No addiction
• No prescription necessary
• Main ingredients: maca root, tongkat ali, cordyceps, ginseng, fructus schisandrae, morinda root, rhodiola rosea, cordyceps sinensis and ginger
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Strike Herbal Supplement

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•For those with erectile dysfunction, the suggested dosage is two capsules for the first day. After basic improvement is noticed, take one tablet every 4-5 days.
•For those who do not have ED but are seeking to improve erectile health, the suggested dosage is one tablet per week.

• 1 herbal supplement


This product has not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration.

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8 reviews for Strike Herbal Supplement

  1. BlackBeauty (verified owner)

    My man is already well endowed. We wanted to try something new. We have always tried the drops. This pill is the BOMB!! He took the pills as instructed and let me say we were both pleased especially me. The pills made it grow in girth and length too. It lasted for at least 6 hours. We will be purchasing MORE!! Thank you !!

  2. Hard as can be (verified owner)

    Thoroughly pleased with the pills. I stayed extremely rock hard for hours and caught extremely rock hard erections all through out the day for the next 4-5 days.

  3. The Meat Slanger (verified owner)

    Best pill on the market. I took this pill Monday and my Dick still hard lol . Glad I bought two. I’ve tried a few other pills that you would think would work but I guess since ima young black guy THIS would work better for me. This product is for our folks! Support black owned businesses!! They sleepin on TheHiddenVault..

  4. Leonard Banks

    Just order about to see what yall talking about

  5. Tim

    Stayed brick for hours. The slightest touch would make it rise up. Definitely buying more.

  6. Augusy (verified owner)

    Got this before my vacation in Las Vegas. I did not expect to feel what I felt, stayed hard for at least 4 hours the first night. The rest of the week post trip, I had directions that lasted between 2 to 4 hours for in the next four days! This was the best experience I’ve ever had in my woman could not and still can’t get enough of me in the bed.

  7. Ro (verified owner)

    Yooooo!!! This shit works!!! I’ve been getting erections like crazy. My lady has been PLEASANTLY surprised. I didn’t say anything just so I could get a natural response. Annnnddd I be using the drops 😈 it’s murderous out here!! I’m a forever customer!! 🤞🏾

  8. Jon (verified owner)

    I tried the pill once and it had my Johnny boy harder than a brick like my brick could of broken a brick lol

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